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Latest news and features from McREL

Blog Post | Intentional teaching inspires intentional learning

In the third of a series of blog posts and infographics on the three imperatives for teaching—be demanding, be supportive, and be intentional—presented in The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching Lisa Maxfield encourages teachers to consider and reflect on the question, Why do my students have to know this? Part of being intentional with instruction is knowing and understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing in the classroom to “coach students to deeper understanding and knowledge,” she writes.


GVC infographic

Blog Post | Does your school have a guaranteed and viable curriculum? How would you know?

In her new blog post, McREL’s Kathleen Dempsey lays the foundation for any school wanting to develop a guaranteed and viable curriculum (GVC) that serves all students. The handy infographic introduces crucial questions to ask your team when self-assessing your curriculum. “Establishing and maintaining a GVC is a collegial process that requires established protocols and routines to keep the GVC agreement alive and meaningful to all stakeholders,” she writes.


Blog Post | Are we thinking about what we’re asking students to think about?

In his latest blog post, McREL CEO Bryan Goodwin asks, What are students really thinking about as they do [their] work? And is it the right stuff to be thinking about? While it’s tempting to add new technology to the classroom to create better student engagement, it’s more important, he says, to identify key concepts that directly relate to the learning goals, and focus student attention on those goals by assigning tasks that engage students with their own thinking in ways that directly support their own learning.


"McREL has never failed to provide us with innovative ideas, training, and resources."

− Jennifer Parker-Moore, Instructional Tech & School Data Consultant, Macomb Intermediate School District, Michigan

"McREL was instrumental in the development of our state-approved professional development system. I highly recommend them for work in your district."

− Bette Zippin, Director of Professional Development Support, Broward County Schools, Florida

"McREL training transformed my teaching this school year."

− Jessie Altman, Teacher, Francis Howell School District, Missouri

"All of my administrators said that McREL’s Balanced Leadership professional development was extremely meaningful to their practice and allowed them to be reflective learners."

− Debra Kaplan, Superintendent (Retired), West Covina Unified School District, California

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Curiosity Works™

How do we foster curiosity in our students and ourselves on a daily basis in our schools? We have some ideas.


Customized Consulting

Every problem provides an opportunity to learn. Our job is to help you find the root source of your thorniest challenges and work with you on solutions.



Develop the skills and strategies needed to challenge students, develop positive relationships, and consistently deliver high-quality instruction.


Curriculum & Standards

Standards-based curriculum that is both rigorous and allows for personalized, engaging learning opportunities.


Formative Assessment

Just-in-time information that teachers can use to meet today’s “deeper learning” demands.


Instructional Technology

Strategically roll out your technology adoptions and initiatives through PD and coaching, maximizing your tech impact on teaching and learning.



Find the balance between directing and sharing leadership, using specific actions to become true leaders and lift the performance of all students and staff.


Learning Supports

Ensure academic success for all learners by developing early, systemic, and ongoing interventions that help children beat the odds.


Personnel Evaluation

Help your teachers, principals, and superintendents reach their full professional potential and focus on what matters most for student achievement.

Research & Program Evaluation

Gain a big-picture, data-driven view of your education initiatives and programs to determine what’s working, what’s not, and what to do next.


School & System Improvement

Develop a culture of high expectations, and establish data systems to ensure effective instruction for all students.