Every school and education system has unique strengths, challenges, climates, and stakeholders. Our research and evaluation team centers its efforts on your needs and questions, helping your data better tell your story. Our collaborative approach ensures support at every stage—from co-authoring proposals and evaluation plans, to securing funding, collecting data, and reporting outcomes. By collaboratively analyzing your data in your context, McREL can help you uncover possible origins of your challenges as well as your hidden bright spots. We’ll give you contextually relevant recommendations and practitioner-friendly reports that you can use to develop, evaluate, modify, and sustain your efforts to support high-quality teaching, leading, and learning.

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Research & Evaluation Services

We help you clarify your questions and identify the best research designs and methodologies to match your needs, context, budget, and schedule. Employing a wide range of techniques, we examine your issue and provide useful, insightful results. Our researchers and evaluators can prepare studies, reports, and technical briefs as well as provide technical assistance and consulting on logic models and theories of action; large-scale studies of federal and state programs; research syntheses and meta-analyses; causal-comparative studies; quasi-experimental studies; rigorous, randomized control trials; and case studies.



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